"Invisible Touch" was the Group's Undisputed Masterpiece - 4/5/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Stopping climate change is cheaper than you think (regardless of what you think ABOUT climate change) - Mother Jones

In southeast England, water restrictions are imposed and expected to be flouted - The Guardian | Economically, water is more valuable and expensive than oil; the real issue with this plan in Britain is that the water companies will rely on reports by members of the public for breaches of the ban.  Nothing builds a neighborhood like a block full of spies.

The groundwork is being laid to take away from you the "burden of managing your 401k" - Washington Post | Within the next 10 years, the employer-sponsored retirement plan environment will be entirely different.

Are commodity derivatives good or bad?  HFT has a thing or two to share with us - VoxEU | As commodity markets become financialized, they will become more prone to external destabilizing effects.  Translation?  The commodities markets will be as broken as the equity markets.

American intelligence agencies are spooked by Britain's open courts - The Telegraph | Oh good: let's have more "secret justice" and closed courtrooms...because it'll make us all safer.

Money, the financial system, and the Federal Reserve - Naked Capitalism | To those "others" who believe that the central bank has full discretion to set policy as an exogenous actor: no central bank is an exogenous actor, now; policy dictates by a group with zero predictive power will continue to wreck our system.

Rally time on Wall Street - Counterpunch | Except for that whole lack-of-volume thing and the ICI fund flows issue, we got it in the bag!

How the rout will decide the route - Mark Grant, via Zero Hedge | Any projections based on normalcy will soon be proven incorrect.

Bernanke: "I'm slowing down the ship." - Bruce Krasting | Hey Ben: probably not a good idea to use ship references when all this Titanic anniversary stuff is in the news.

Shaq finally explains why he made "Kazaam" - Geeks of Doom | Everything's a business model, but when 1/3 of the movie budget is the star's salary, sometimes you need a new model.