Reunions Should be Outlawed; Especially the 20-Year Ones - 4/18/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Argentina proves, once again, that the best way is to just take it from the private sector - Wall Street Journal | Spain says that it will take "clear and forceful measures."  Like what?  Issuing more debt and asking for handouts from ECB?

Amazon's secretive cloud carries 1 percent of the Internet - Wired | Think about that.  One company's cloud computing infrastructure accounts for one percent of the entire thing.  Think that'll pose a problem in the future?

What's helping stock prices? - TrimTabs Money Blog | Supply and demand, plain and simple.  A lot of stock was sold to pay taxes this year.

US chases NATO cash as Afghan campaign falters - RT | It's easy to go shopping with another person's credit card.

From financial crisis to stagnation - Naked Capitalism | Like he says, a die has been cast and we are moving into the stage where political risk starts to assume a bigger role.  Good thing we have pols that we can all trust.

A different Buffett Rule - Bruce Krasting | Different how?  It would work.

Citigroup investors don't care about making Vikram Pandit smile - Dealbreaker | How would you like a raise from $1/year to $1.75 million?

Senate banking committee to hold MF Global hearing next week - New York Times via Jesse's Cafe Americain | HUZZAH! Another hearing that will do absolutely nothing for anyone.

Want to know who sits in on some of the Fed meetings? - Dylan Ratigan | Don't forget this peach from Bernanke in 2008: "I'd like first to do the open market operations, which I hope are not too controversial. [Laughter]"

Wall Street versus Main Street - Sense on Cents | Think the pols in DC know what they're doing?  Then go ahead and re-elect them.