Carbone in a Meat Truck - 6/13/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Eurobonds won't work, thinks JPMorgan's Mackie - JPMorgan via Zero Hedge | "It now seems clear to pretty much everyone that the approach of the past two years has run into a dead end."  And what did we get more of, over the weekend?  More of the same approach (of the past two years).

OECD says that governments must raise retirement age - Truthdig | Don't worry about Italy: they made sure that their retirement age would increase by 2 years; too bad they allowed 15 years to cover that ground.

A new measure of the global middle class - VoxEU | I still can't determine if this is another case of "If you don't like the results, change the definition that garnered you those results."

The macroeconomics of Chinese kleptocracy - Bloomberg, Bronte Capital via Cryptogon | It would be interesting to determine the final recipients of the 515 tons of gold that was sold in 4 hours on 07 JUNE 2012.  Surely, an overlap of China plus even a portion of the 515 tons would not be a coincidence.

EU, meet capital controls; capital controls, meet EU - Reuters, MarketWatch, Zero Hedge | Don't you feel so much better knowing that the capital controls would only be imposed "for public safety"?  Next thing we hear, it'll be "for the [good of the] children."

The new wave of herbicide-resistant crops - Counterpunch | Indiana is among the worst contributors to the Gulf of Mexico's "dead zone."  Did you know that Poland imposed a complete ban on growing the MON810 genetically-modified strain of maize?  Did you know that Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and 5 other major biotech companies have released a workbook for children?  Did you know that Monsanto has essentially created a version of superweed that are only managed via toxic herbicide cocktails and hand-weeding?

The Fourth Revolution - The New Criterion | On the possibility of a forthcoming political revolution.  And this goes far beyond right, left, and center.  There is no guarantee that we will emerge from this process with our superpower status intact.  We face years of struggle.

Israeli strike on Iran means new war for US - Russia Today | Here's the kicker: the expert quoted in the article believes that an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would NOT force Iran to abandon its nuclear program.

Will Jamie Dimon tell the truth (because he hasn't done so yet) - Chris Whalen, CNBC, Jesse's Cafe Americain | I heard a great line about Dimon: "The only time he opens his mouth is to change feet."

Henry Hill, the mobster immortalized in "Goodfellas," dies naturally at 69 - Daily Mail