When your Tipping Point is less than 15 Percent - 8/27/2012


Here's what we're following this morning on the ol' InterWebs:

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Why do we need any more QE when all QE in the past has been a disaster? - Bloomberg via Zero Hedge | It is not a workable solution.  It is not a panacea.  Pfft -- let's keep using it!

A Counterpunch two-fer: Romney's blood money, and 10 reasons I'm not with Barack - Counterpunch | Think there's a difference on either side of the Hill's aisle?

Small print shows further rules for safety-net payment - El Pais | Living with a parent or grandparent who earns too much?  Denied.  Not actively seeking work?  Denied.  You a redhead?  Denied.  (Just kidding.  Kind of.)

Madrid to get power to close troubled banks - Financial Times | Nothing saves an entire financial system like a well-written plan.

The Cheapest Generation - The Atlantic | Trying to get the "emotional connection" correct?  What if that emotion is constantly overshadowed by the depression stemming from not being able to land a full-time job?

Netanyahu "determined to attack Iran" before US elections - Times of Israel via Truthdig | I'm determined to have breakfast every day, but that doesn't always happen.  Meanwhile, is Iran building a base for the S-300?

Shocking theory suggests that companies buy low, sell high when trading their own stocks - Dealbreaker | If you believe that management works for shareholders, you may want to change that thought to "management works for the company."

A new real estate train wreck is coming - Naked Capitalism | Wall Street is about to unleash a product that even the ratings agencies won't touch.

Letting Greece twist in the wind - Testosterone Pit | The group working to develop a Plan B has been working behind-the-scenes for about a year.  How many times have we been told during that year that Greece will never NOT be a part of the Eurozone?

An empire of illusion - Jesse's Cafe Americain | Time to dust off your WWII history books, friends.