Don't Let your Father Write the Title - 9/13/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

(via Dangerous Minds)

California workers to shoulder more pension costs - Wall Street Journal | Come to California!  Work for the State!  Find higher retirement ages and smaller pensions!  Rejoice!

Britons are increasingly skeptical of EU benefits - The Telegraph | 40% believe that EU membership is good for them.  Wonder how that percentage rate is doing for other countries hearing the din of IMF liaisons in their local cafes.

A Truthdig two-fer: the high cost of high blood pressure and the lowdown on nursing home deficiencies - Truthdig | 67 million Americans have high blood pressure, and about half don't control it.  How many people haven't identified what they're going to do when that deficiency catches up with them?

Psychoanalyzing the Fed - Charles Hugh Smith | The more the Fed appears to meekly comply to the demands of the market, the greater the pressure will be on them to continue giving the market what it now needs to continue rising: QE.

Breaking the public monopoly on K-12 - Hoover Institution | Given our long history of successful capitalism, for-profit competition among schools seems likely to work just as well in capitalistic America as social-democratic Sweden.

Number of uninsured Americans drops by 1.3 million - The Washington Post | Wait: there or isn't there a problem with the uninsured?  Will campaign stump speeches need to be rewritten?

The noose tightens on national sovereignty in Europe - Testosterone Pit | Germany's resistance to the power-grab will be whittled-down over time; in the end, it won't change the principle that bankers regulate bankers for the benefit of bankers.

Bears at the heart of the dragon - Financial Times | China seems to be taking a cue from Hollywood and/or a number of suburban families: all's well on the outside, all's ill on the inside.

Sprott raises $392 million for gold for PHYS - Jesse's Cafe Americain | Let's just hope any failure-to-deliver actions occur once they've secured title.

Inside the real costs of saving AIG and Wall Street - The Atlantic | It was as good for taxpayers as could be hoped.  There's that darn "hope" word, again.

The best quotes from "Heathers" that perfectly describe Bravo's planned reboot of "Heathers" - Boing Boing | Next up from Bravo: a complete remake of the movies "Bio-Dome," "Battlefield Earth," and "Howard the Duck."