The Cheese Crayon will Revolutionize your Art Class - 9/17/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

(via Naked Capitalism)

An Athenian perspective on the US presidential election - Yanis Varoufakis via CNN | "From this and other sad incidents, Greeks have surmised that the US no longer holds sway over our European destiny; at least not the way it used to."

EU ministers at odds over banking union - Financial Times | Imagine that: France, Germany, and non-eurozone countries NOT agreeing upon a blueprint for a single eurozone bank supervisor in 3 months' time?

Is QE3 yet another stealth bank bailout - Naked Capitalism | Banks don't have the staffing to originate loans any faster?  How about lenders don't WANT to originate loans any faster.

Thousands demand referendum be held to determine austerity drive - El Pais | A country can monetize, or a country can impose austerity.  Guess what won't be welcomed by the public.

In prosecutors, debt collectors find a partner - New York Times | DAs seem to be renting out their letterhead and receiving a cut of whatever is collected.  Wonder if they're chomping at the bit for the student loan messes.

The changing dollar and the purchasing power of various currencies - Now and Futures, Jesse's Cafe Americain | Be careful quoting your investment successes and your income in the wrong form of currency.

Did the Fed's "Expectations Channel" announcement work?  Maybe not. - Mother Jones | This will only work if investors are absolutely convinced that the Fed CAN and WILL do what it says.

Rebuilding the middle class - Center for Economic and Policy Research | When will any candidate pick these up as the real, viable solutions?

Understanding derivatives and their risks - Peak Prosperity | A hammer, when used properly, is a wonderful tool.  When used improperly, the same hammer can become a murder weapon.  Sound familiar?

Thoughts on what happens to Fed policy in early 2013 - Market Montage | Hint: $40 billion will be child's play.

Penny coasters - Instructables | Keep the drink rings off your coffee table AND keep the Treasury happy by removing money from circulation!  A win-win for sure!