Dee Do - 9/18/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

(via Dangerous Minds)

The American election's global reach - The Washington Post | unfettered economy is not a good thing?  Rejoice, ye downtrodden victims of controlled markets!  You are the Chosen People!

Making sense of mortgage rates and regulations - Sense on Cents | Remember: more regulations do not necessarily mean better regulations.

How central banking has evolved markets through monetary policy - NJB Deflator | If the latest round of easing "works," prepare for higher costs.

Let's help Treasury get out of GM - Dealbreaker | What Treasury wants is the political benefit of being able to say that it "made money," or at least it didn't "lose too much money," on the bailout...which is not at all the same thing as wanting to maximize its economics NOW.

Two American companies lay off hundreds of workers; military uniform contracts awarded to prison inmates - The Inquisitr | Charge more, get the business.  What's not to like...other than the "convict worker" thing?

"Britons must work harder if the country is to compete with China and India." - The Guardian | No comment.  You'll see why.

States seek middle ground on Medicaid - Wall Street Journal | What sort of a program is considered a success when entities want to opt out?

The spacious sound of nothing - Mark J. Grant | Liquidity must be paid back and if the banks/nations that receive it do not provide structural changes, reduce their deficits, and decrease their borrowings, the gods of chaos will be unleashed.

How finance capital leads to debt servitude - Athens News via Naked Capitalism | When you accept the fact that debts cannot be repaid, any attempt at collecting said debts will be a threat to tear apart the economy.

Could earnings growth go negative this quarter? - Market Montage | Q3 2001 was the last time that earnings guidance leaned so heavily to the downside.  Will history repeat itself or merely rhyme?

A speculative list of Jay-Z's 99 problems - Thought Catalog | #54 eliminates him from Everyman status, for sure.