Billy Zane's Barber - 9/19/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

(via Geeks of Doom)

Leaders want Germany (i.e. Weidmann) to tone-down its (i.e. his) criticism of the ECB - The Telegraph | You had me at "If a central bank can potentially create unlimited money from nothing...."

The American consumer is putting the screws to healthcare expenses - Testosterone Pit | GE's healthcare division generates $18 billion in revenues.  GE's health insurance program for its employees costs $2.5 billion.  Do the math.

The trouble with printing money - Chris Martenson | Put it this way: if you earn $50k/year, you would have to work for 800,000 years to earn the same amount of money that the Fed will print each month.  By the way?  The Fed has provided no end date to their easing.

The "secret" revolution that could set the Middle East aflame - TomDispatch | Bahrain.  Bahrain.  Bahrain.

Follow the dark money - Mother Jones | A story about the 4-decade fight over the only political capital that matters.

Bank of Japan follows QE3 with fresh stimulus - Financial Times | You can just hear the BOJ's mother now: "Listen!  If every other central bank does it, do you think YOU have to do it TOO?"

Tougher swap rules delayed - Wall Street Journal | This is where you feign surprised that any piece of Dodd-Frank is not yet implemented.

Why the jobs problem is not going away - VoxEU | Economic growth, alone, will not counteract the forces that are creating the mismatches in the labor market.

$50 billion of commodity investment at risk? - Bruce Krasting | Those "evil speculators"?  Guess what -- you are one if you happen to invest in a 401k.

If you want to help the poor and middle class, encourage deflation - Charles Hugh Smith | The entire mechanism falls apart if incomes don't rise along with prices for goods and services.

14 memorable meals and menus - Neatorama | I guess my greek yogurt Grape-Nuts doesn't cut the mustard.  #seewhatididthere