Behold the Monkey - 9/20/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

(via Boing Boing)

Incomes fell or stagnated in most states last year - Wall Street Journal | Good thing, too, considering the fate of the rally now rests in the hands of the US consumer.

Seven of the nation's 10 most affluent counties are in Washington DC area - Washington Post | This is where you act surprised, America.

Gut instincts will decide the election - Breitbart | Well, now...doesn't that make everyone feel better?  People put more work into looking for a car or thinking about where they want to have dinner on the weekend than they do researching their "elected" leaders.

The Great American Tax Debate misses the point - Counterpunch, cross-posted from Economic Intelligence | Can I file for Andrew Smith, Inc.?  Really?  Then can I deduct the interest paid on debt from my earnings?

NYSE pays a paltry $5 million fine for giving private customers a trading head-start - IEEE Spectrum | Just what "message" does this send?  That callous indifference is okay?

Half of Morgan Stanley didn't do as well on Facebook as the other half - Dealbreaker | Better to upset your in-house clients than any prospect who has yet to business with you, right MS?

Hollande seeks "massive vote" for treaty - Financial Times | Let me get this straight: you fail to deliver on campaign promises, then you want support for your treaty?

Does the President want to cut Social Security by 3 percent? - Truthout | Journalists have a chance to step up and do their jobs.  Sadly, they won't ask the right questions and people will head to the polls this November without knowing the answer to this question.

Deficit reduction, Wall Street, and whales - The Charleston Gazette | Know why deficit reduction occupies center stge in the national political debate?  Because it's easier to frame that discussion than the one about the jobs deficit.

The US and Europe need each other now more than ever - The Atlantic | If Europe's economy suddenly goes south, the prospects for US growth, investment, and employment are equally dire.  Both sides need to do better in making their inter-connectedness bear on global processes and developments.

Internet-famous octogenerian Ecce Homo "restorer" seeks royalties - Ars Technica | She was having anxiety attacks from all the press coverage?  How about anxiety attacks from the work of art you ruined?