Money on the Sidelines is the White Elephant Gift Nobody Wants - 3/29/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Israel army cancels Passover vacation while N. Korea begins fuelling missile test rocket - Zero Hedge | Who needs a two-front war when you can have a four-front war?

Spain follows Greece into the abyss - Naked Capitalism | But in this version, Mastrantonio doesn't get the alien CPR.

Rising gas prices actually do NOT affect Americans' behavior - New York Times | Behavior? No. Understanding of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Absolutely not.

Housing bubbles and interest rates - VoxEU | Keeping rates "too low" can explain 50% of properties' overvaluation

Is Wall Street already shrinking? - Washington Post

How many jobs will the JOBS Act produce? - Sense on Cents | Depends on who's stumping for the election.

Overturning the Healthcare Law could be the "best thing ever" for democrats - Truthdig | Hint: there is no Plan B.

Brussels believes Spain should tap EU rescue fund to recapitalize its banks - El Pais | Well of COURSE they do: dealers always want more people to get hooked on the hard stuff so they can build an always-growing book of business.

Deustche Bank: "You say we're too big to fail like it's a bad thing." - Dealbreaker

What do bankers dream about? - Pebblewriter | Chances are, it has nothing to do with a dinosaur, Miles Standish, 8 bags of jellybeans, and a trip into a Wal-Mart store in the Amazon rain forest. But I'm just spit-balling, here.