Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks; Just Ask Newly-Minted Bowtie Wearers - 4/9/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

President's selective memory of Supreme Court history - Washington Post | My wife says I have selective memory at times, too; then again, I'm not a "Constitutional scholar" and former law professor who's playing with words.

Bankrupty costs and America's household debt crisis - VoxEU | Guess what? Tax rebates actually spur bankruptcies.

The real healthcare debate - Truthdig | Don't know about you, but on some level, forcing a consumer to buy a defective product just seems like a bad idea that will get worse with time.

Syria ceasefire plans close to collapse - The Telegraph | Yemen and Syria aren't helping the ME situation; neither is a second carrier group to the region; this is the fourth time in the last 10 years that the Navy has had this type of simultaneous deployment.

Blythe Masters: "Trust us." - Jesse's Cafe Americain | Without objective evidence and the rule of law, the public should refuse to "take anyone's word for it."

France struggles with deindustrialization - Financial Times | Between this and China's accelerating inflation, this should be one heck of a summer and fall; good thing we have a national election to keep us busy.

Life in a North Korean labor camp - Counterpunch | Let's all hope that this isn't a trailer for "America, 2020."

How I stopped worrying and started loving the drone - Ars Technica

Betting on the race to the bottom - Bruce Krasting | Guess what's happening to Japan's external trade position?

Greek police officers can now be rented by the hour - Zero Hedge/Protothema | When there is no other way to raise capital, lease it all.