A Diamond in an Ice Storm - 4/11/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Madrid premier wants regions to hand back control of education and health - El Pais | Sure, money could be saved; but whatever happened to "all politics is local"?  Think the folks in DC know what's best for your Hoosier child's education and health?

Soaking the rich might not be a panacea - Financial Times | But it sure does play well on the election trail.  Remember the biggest campaign contributors to BOTH sides?

An economic quagmire - Counterpunch | The American Dream has changed.  So have the European and Chinese ones.

The worst farm bill ever - Mother Jones | The fact that it expires on September 30 is just icing on the cake for election fodder.  If you're a small farmer or a new farmer, your life won't get easier, that's for sure.

A dunce cap for Lou Dobbs - TrimTabs Money Blog | "It is better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."

What the equity herd might look like - Naked Capitalism | The author is correct: understanding herd mentality is a cornerstone to successful investing.  We talk about this quite a bit during the show about watching the trend and psychology of the market rather than focusing on the economy to drive decisions.

Making crime pay - New York Times | When having more time behind bars is actually a good thing.

Five myths about water - Washington Post | And no mention of a duck's back anywhere in the article.

Stocks are bought and sold AWAY from public stock exchanges - Wall Street Journal | Things are less transparent and more prone to disaster than ever before.  Just ask BATS.

Goldman stopped out of its 10-year Treasury short - Zero Hedge | Sorry, muppets: you lose again.  Next time, consider the anti-GS trade...just like they do.