Early is the Same as Wrong - 4/17/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

The Administration wants you to stop worrying and love the bailouts - Mother Jones | In private, they take credit for their response; in public, they say they "hate it" and that they "never wanted the bank bailout."  The election-trail rhetoric will only magnify this disparity.

MF Global (hey, remember them?) would have done better to misuse government money - Dealbreaker | A $6 million civil penalty sounds a heck of a lot better.

Central bankers are snubbing euro assets - Financial Times | Curious that the 54 surveyed reserve managers are saying they have doubts about a single reserve currency when the ECB et al are constantly lauding the strength and appropriateness of the eurodollar.

Spanish markets remain under cudgel of mistrust - El Pais | What?  The country's risk premium continues to escalate?  This is all baked-in.  Has to be, regardless of stories like this one out of The Guardian stating that "full crisis mode returns to Spain."  Returns?  It never really left.

Buffett Rule ends (?) with a whimper - Washington Post | Party-line vote.  Again, this talk of "fair share of taxes."

Biderman: "Ignorance is bliss" when it comes to economic data - TrimTabs Money Blog | His solution?  Fire all the govt economists and grant him access to real-time data from the credit card companies.  There's a reason why some data is freer (liberation-wise, not $0.00-wise) than other data.

Creating a socially-useful financial system - Corrente, via Naked Capitalism

What role for journalists in holding the powerful to account? - Boing Boing | Gone are the days of agenda-setting by less-then-disinterested third parties.

London Metals Exchange considers ending sterling settlement, allowing renminbi settlement - Financial Times, via Zero Hedge | China, the "dominant force," has become the market for non-ferrous metals, and it accounts for more than 40 percent of global demand for most metals.

Stuff bosses have said - Nic Colas (from ConvergEx) | "Do you know what it means when a dog shows well?"