Last Days of Disco - 6/1/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Next time someone tells you that Greece won't leave, show them this picture - Bloomberg (Terminal) via Zero Hedge

Asia strains under Euro crisis - Wall Street Journal | At some point, China will no longer even intimate that they will be a backstop for the rest of the world.  Chances are, that time is coming a lot sooner than anyone wants to believe.

With its Plan X, the Pentagon seeks to spread US military might to cyberspace - Washington Post | They had to do something with all of that information gleaned from the cyber wargames with other countries (articles here and here).  This was the logical conclusion.  (Sidenote: Stuxnet was never meant to propagate into the wild.)

Tiananmen hardliner regrets massacre - Financial Times | Things like this can always be prevented.  How easy it is to be penitent and contrite 20+ years after the fact.  I'm sure that we'll hear the same kinds of mea culpas in future decades about all of the financial shenanigans now...if we make it that long.

The last days of cash - IEEE Spectrum | This is a series of articles and infographics about the future of the medium of wealth exchange.  Make particular note of the "Beginning of the End of Cash" article - there's a reason why anarchists, drug dealers, prostitutes, politicians, dog walkers, and nannies all prefer cash.

50,000 pages of JFK assassination documents are still classified - Salon | Since the government and Big Media keep telling us that there was no conspiracy, what's the big deal?

European money slows to a crawl - Delusional Economics via Naked Capitalism | It's pretty much all down hill again: credit to the government sector continues to be the major growth component for credit, but...the private sector, even including the strong core, is slowly moving toward deleveraging.

This week in Dark Money - Mother Jones | That's a lot of investment for not a lot of return.

Outraged over atrocities (unless they're ours) - Counterpunch | Would that the US diplomatic corps and the commercial press were equally outraged over our own military’s atrocities.

The mysterious Mr. Hokum - Boing Boing | His Social Security number wasn't real, his town of birth wasn't real.  So the authorities trying to track the story of this man down got access to his shipping container....