Fear of the Unknown - 9/26/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

(via Her Majesty's Thunder)

Next steps for Spain - RanSquawk via Zero Hedge | Remember: Spanish yields are north of 6.00% again.  Time was, that was a line in the sand.  Now?  Meh.

West miscalculated the potential of Arab World anger - Russia Today | Remember this famous question: "How could this happen in a country we helped liberate?"  Sounds like someone at State needs a thesaurus.

Corporate hemlock will be shoved down our throats, one way or another - Chris Hedges on Truthdig | Neither candidate will stop what's coming in January, 2013.

On the effects of war versus the effects of fiat money - Plata | You pick: bullets, or paper.  Both are extremely destructive.

The US Senate: a dysfunctional day in the life - Washington Post | My kids fight.  But they're 4 and 3.  What are these bozos' excuses?

Is there really a global bacon shortage? - The Atlantic | What a great word, "aporkalypse."  What a horrible world, though, without bacon.

Krugman refuses to debate Austrian economist for charity - Breitbart | So...public circus when you're held accountable in real-time, bad; public circus when you write your clap-trap in the NYT, good?

Merkel admits mistakes were made with Spanish banks - El Pais | It's always a bummer when someone uses you as the "Don't Do This" example.

US businesses wary of red tape and fiscal cliff - Financial Times | Businesses think it is more difficult to succeed in the US than it was three years ago, and they believe it is the uncertainty created in DC that is holding them back.  Using that as a logic springboard, why would people want the Titanic to run into a second iceberg?  Do people think it will create an even prettier, fancier oceanliner?

The Eurozone con game just keeps cracking - Testosterone Pit | What are the responsibilities of European leaders?  Helping the banks.

How should healthcare providers respond when their patients say they're waiting for a miracle? - io9 | A lot, too, depends on if you're in a US hospital or waiting for months in the NHS in the UK.