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ADP Comes Right on Target; Gold Five is Pleased - 4/4/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Uncle Sam is data mining you - Mother Jones

There has been a curious absence of any serious debate on the issue of the threat of war with Iran - Counterpunch | It's not curious: there's no money in peace.

Behind the gloomy economic forecasts - Washington Post

$17 trillion hole found in Obamacare - Zero Hedge/The Daily Caller | Did the Prez happen to bring this up in his recent admonition to the Supremes?

"...before I start looking in the garbage to survive and become a burden to my child." - Kathimerini | Remember: Greece, itself, only receives about 19% of any bailout money from the eurozone. The rest goes to the government bondholders and the banks. This is tragic.

The austerity question: "How" is as important as "How Much" - VoxEU

MORE evidence of fraud at MF Global - Jesse's Cafe Americain | These weren't "simple accounting errors" and $1.6 billion doesn't just "vaporize"

Smaller, quicker, secret, robotic - Wired | A peek inside America's new space force.

The 2013 fiscal logjam - Credit Suisse | Kick that can with all your might!

There will be home sales, but they will be for landlords to rent - New York Times