Investing Sense

Canada, Huh? Almost Made It. - 4/12/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

MF Global update: a black hole in a dark cave - Sense on Cents | Like he says, self-preservation would make any treasury professional get an executive to sign off on these types of things.  Give her immunity so we can figure out what happened.

Regulators should encourage more diversity in the financial system - VoxEU

Want to know how and where to survive the pending zombie apocalypse? - Map of the Dead

BlackRock wants to bypass the bond markets - Wall Street Journal | Imagine that: a Wall Street firm wants to establish an off-Wall Street trading platform to keep out undesirables.

Biderman says go long gold, short euro - TrimTabs Money Blog | Have to listen to a guy who looks like an unmade bed; it's the slick ones you have to avoid.  Another take on gold and the euro is here.

What if housing is done for a generation? - Of Two Minds | Despite the many tax breaks lavished on housing, there is nothing magical about housing as an asset.

Royal Canadian Mint wants to create digital currency - Cryptogon/The Star | The best part is that the prize for the winning technology is $50k in gold.  Not CAD.  Not digi-dollars.  Gold.

Are we heading for another 2008? - Chris Martenson & Charles Hugh Smith

Spain has only denial - Naked Capitalism | When your country's authorities politely ask the rest of Europe to keep their mouths shut about your country's economic issues, it might be time to politely remove those authorities from power.

IMF: "Gold is scarce 'safe asset' and there is a 'growing shortage of safe assets'" - GoldCore | This is the same IMF who, in May, is going to be providing yet another economic "loan" package to yet another imperiled country, this time Egypt.