Investing Sense

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor - 4/16/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Downgrades loom for European banks - Wall Street Journal | Couple this with the story from The Guardian about the UK's dismal growth forecast and the Counterpunch article about Spain marching toward a depression and things don't seem all that spring-like in Britain.

Geithner: "[Romney's] claims on women and job losses are 'ridiculous and very misleading'" - Washington Post | He should know all about ridiculous and very misleading claims.  Wait until he starts lecturing Romney on tax filing.

JPMorgan sets the bogey: if Spain 10-year > 7.50% then LTRO 3 - Zero Hedge/JPMorgan/Bloomberg | Heck, if the Spainish 10-year gets to that level, we'll see a lot of other acronym programs spring into being, too.

Why Washington's Iran policy could lead to global disaster - Truthdig | In spite of the dialogue, in spite of the promises and assurances, in spite of the "desire for unification," this could still all go horribly wrong.

Charting the housing market - Charles Hugh Smith | With the 30-year at a new low, why isn't this working?  Oh, a number of reasons.

What comes after the end of capitalism? - Dangerous Minds

Yellen versus Geithner - Bruce Krasting | Yellen has already said that ZIRP through 2014 might not be long enough.  Any savers out there?  Not for long.

The solution for everything? Hyperinflation. - Sheila Bair | Why let the hedgies and the I-Banks get all the goodies?

Should governments teach self-control? - VoxEU | I wonder if this type of program comes with a bar-code tattoo gun as well.

Britain faces worst drought since 1976 - The Telegraph | Is this where we make some comment about Brawndo and electrolytes saving the day?