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Schrodinger's Cat is Unemployed...or Not - 5/4/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

The number of people NOT in the labor force soars by 522k, labor force participation rate lowest since 1981 - Zero Hedge

Japan's last nuclear reactor to close - Wall Street Journal | The country will be without nuclear power for the first time since 1966 = bullish for coal.

Chris Dodd's (remember him?) imaginary topsy-turvy history of Hollywood - Tech Dirt via Boing Boing | No mind: he still gets the money, and it's even "more legal" than senatorial money.

The "why?" of terrorism - Counterpunch | Please refer to the chart re: "The Real Cost of Killing bin Laden."

European governments are already preparing for a regime change in France - Financial Times | A regime that would bring higher tax rates and no chance of building-burning austerity.

Jim Grant: "The Federal Reserve is the 'Vampire Squid of Squids." - Bloomberg TV via Jesse's Cafe Americain

This week in Dark Money - Mother Jones | I love it when Form 1040 asks if I want to contribute $1 to the Federal Election Commission.

Resisting financial feudalism - Charles Hugh Smith | The nature of prosperity is truly changing.

House Democrats about to pounce on GOP budget plan again - Washington Post | Maybe it would help if related persons stop wearing $990.00 designer t-shirts.

This is what it looks like to live off-the-grid in the United States - io9 | How far would you be willing to go to minimize your impact on the planet?