Investing Sense

Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering, Every Day - 4/13/2012


Here's what we're following this morning:

Net of the REAL one-time items, JPMorgan EPS would be less than $1.00 - Zero Hedge/JPMorgan

China growth slowest since 2009 - Wall Street Journal | Be it a soft landing or a hard landing, the plane still fell out of the sky before reaching the destination airport.

Fairfax County considers creating virtual high school - Washington Post | C'mon - where are kids going to get their Pepsi bottle hazing rituals now?

Europe's economic Maginot Line - Counterpunch | The original Maginot Line was costly to keep, consumed a vast amount of money, and...led to other parts of the French Armed Forces being underfunded.  Sounds about right, then.

"Decades" of cuts and tax rises ahead, forecast economists - The Telegraph | There's that bad word again.  "Economists."  And they're talking about a goal of 50% debt-to-GDP number.

"Just the name sends shivers up the spine." - Naked Capitalism | The financial services industry doesn't seem to like Maxine Waters.

When is Uncle Sam moving out of the house? - Sense on Cents | Sanctity of contract law?  Fuhgeddaboudit.

For capitalism to survive, crime must not pay - Jesse's Cafe Americain | Better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent.

Ten big companies that pay NO taxes - Mother Jones | ...and their favorite politicians.

More than just pink slime - ProPublica | This was from a post to the Twitter feed last night.  Still scary, 12 hours later.