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Let's Pass a Law and Give Banks YEARS to Implement the Changes - 4/20/2012


Here's what we're following this morning (and the Law mentioned is discussed here):

Do millionaires really support the Buffett Rule? - Washington Post | You have to love their Pinocchio Rating System.

Karzai seeks speeded-up exit of US troops - Truthdig | Remember that old post about fish and houseguests?

Mexico and Spain feel the shock of Argentine seizure - Wall Street Journal | When you need something, just take it and let the world forget about it in a week.

How to survive betting against bull market irrationality - GMO via Zero Hedge | The thing about herding is that it doesn't make a bad manager feel terrible if he's underperforming.

Using Twitter to predict riots - The Telegraph | And this is why social media will, at some point, be outlawed.

The Wall Street-Washington code of silence - Sense on Cents | Whither transparency?

Why the middle class is doomed - Of Two Minds | The tax-paying cohort shrinks and the dependant class grows.

The Mortgage Fraud Task Force has no task force members - Naked Capitalism | "Underestimating this Administration's cynicism has been a losing trade."

Delevering in Europe remains a threat to world economy - Mother Jones | Surprise: the IMF doesn't think that credit contraction is likely to be all that severe.

When is QE not really QE, a bailout not really a bailout? - Jesse's Cafe Americain