Win screening passes to see Snake and Mongoo$e!

What if that rivalry spawned something more than victories and defeats? What if it created a unique and unlikely friendship out of the smoke of battle? What if Snake and Mongoo$e were quietly the closest of friends even as their rivalry intensified? What if they shared the joy and pain of life when they were not busy competing? What if their mutual respect, racing nerve, thirst for fame and compensation, and their desire to advance their thrilling, but extremely dangerous, sport brought them together as something more than mere rivals? What if a perfect storm of conditions transformed their competition into something greater—a blood kinship that enabled them to team up in order to revolutionize an entire industry?

There is no need to wonder "what if"—that's what really happened while the two real-life Southern California drag racing legends were setting tracks on fire during those years. But, until now, few people outside of the racing community knew the true and full story of the Snake and the Mongoo$e. That is about to change with the long overdue release of the independent film, "Snake and Mongoo$e," from British director Wayne Holloway and production partners Entertainment Universe, Rhino Films, and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). The film documents the full texture of the real-life relationship in all its colorful permutations—the rivalry, the races, the fights, the victories, their partnership and business success, and their tender support for each.

If you love drag racing and want to see this story come to life, register to win a pair of passes to a special screening on Thursday, August 29 at 5:30 PM. The screening is taking place at the Regal Shilo Crossing in Avon.

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