Alesi evaluating "500" effort

Posted By: Mike Thomsen · 5/17/2012 12:25:00 PM

Former Formula One driver Jean Alesi has proven to draw a crowd in Gasoline Alley, ever since he arrived at the Speedway.

With his trademark cap, and jovial attitude, Alesi has been popular with the Alley Cats and autograph seekers all week.

But finding speed has been another issue, and now Alesi is re-evaluating where his fledgling effort to make the "500" is at.

After getting out of the car following Wednesday's practice session, Alesi admitted he feels unsafe on the Speedway, due to his car's slow speed.

 "Right now, I feel very unsafe, being quite slow in the middle of the track. So I am quite concerned for my fellow drivers if we are not able to get the speed that we need. I am flat out, and I have reached 205 as the maximum that I can see. So it is not a comfortable position right now."

Alesi suggested that stepping out of the car is a possibility, in an interview with Radio Canada. Alesi said "let's see if something better happens by qualifications, otherwise we stop. I have hope but the reality of things right now is that it will not."

Alesi is driving for the new Fan Force United team, who may be new to the Speedway, but they have plenty of experience on the crew, including "500" winning crew chief Owen Snyder and ace engineer Tim Wardrop.





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