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Suspects Nabbed Asleep at the Wheel – Literally


Here’s a bit of advice for anyone who decides to pursue a life of crime – hide the evidence and appoint a designated driver.

Indianapolis police got a call about 5:30 a.m. about three men unconscious in a car at Washington and Southeastern, which just happens to be just down the street from IPD headquarters. When officers arrived, they found the men were actually sleeping in the car, and it appears the driver had dozed off at the traffic light.

As the men slept, they had handguns in their laps. That gave police probable cause to search the car, and the three men.

“We found some narcotics and a large sum of money,” explained IPD Officer Robert Robinson.

Two of the men were taken into custody after drugs were found. The third man, who was carrying the $1,500 in cash, told police he was saving to get his driver’s license reinstated. He was released, but the money was confiscated – pending further investigation.

Police suspect the drugs, money, and guns are all part of a drug dealing operation.

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