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Black Ministers Pray for Defeat of Ordinance


Twenty-nine ministers of African-American congregations held a prayer vigil Wednesday morning at the City-County Building, praying for every councilor regarding a gay-rights ordinance coming before the council on December 14.

The ministers feel that the ordinance would promote a homosexual lifestyle in violation of Biblical teachings. The ordinance would amend the city and county code to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation within municipal government and among its contractors. Even real estate and housing departments would be covered.

The Reverend Terry Webster, minister of the New Corinthian Church, said the prayers were personal. “We will take a minute and pray for each city-county councilman, that they will get the wisdom that they need in making the right decision,” he said.

Webster said that the prayers are not discrimination. “It’s an absolute truth that we stand on, and so we are opposed to anything that is against biblical principles and the foundation of truth that we believe. So we’re not discriminating against them but we are opposing their homosexual practices,” he said.

A news release makes it clear that the group feels that lumping homosexuals with African-Americans when it comes to anti-discrimination laws is an insult to the black race as well as morally objectionable.

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