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Hundreds Ready to Help With Super Bowl

Hosting 2012 game will take 8,000 volunteers


Indy's chance to host the Super Bowl is nearly four years away, and there's already a flood of applications for the volunteer corps that will make it happen.

500 people volunteered online within 24 hours of the announcement Indianapolis would host Super Bowl XLVI. The total's now up to 3,300 and rising -- and that's still not quite half the 8,000 people it'll take.

Volunteers are needed for tasks from greeting fans and dignitaries at the airport to shuttling people between destinations.

John Dedman says the Indiana Sports Corporation says the NCAA Final Four requires about a thousand people. A Super Bowl involves a two-week buildup, and several events around downtown besides the game itself.

The corporation has a database of about 5,000 people who have volunteered in the past. Dedman says new volunteers will probably hear from the group this fall, with an invitation to help out with the Final Four or other events before the NFL comes to town.

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