Under the Hat with Hatcher and Friends

ethanEthan Hatcher is a passionate advocate for individual liberty, and Constitutional governance. He has earned a Bachelors in Communication and Political Science, and is excited to bring his passion for politics and debate to the airwaves of Indianapolis! Ethan has been with the WIBC family working as a Producer alongside the various talented hosts of the station since 2015. His IASB and BEA (2016) award-winning show, Under the Hat, was originally conceived at the University of Indianapolis and now proudly comes to WIBC for the first time! 

Under the Hat with Hatcher and Friends is hosted by Ethan Hatcher, and co-hosted by the keen minds of Dr. David Root and Dr. Laura Wilson who are Professors of Political Science at the University of Indianapolis. Rather than an echo-chamber, these three very different minds bring unique perspectives on topical political and social issues; and, while not always agreeing, most importantly they respect the freedom to express diverse opinions in the spirit of healthy debate and critical thinking.

Photo Credit: Pool / Getty Images On the debut of Under the Hat, hosts Ethan Hatcher and Dr. David Root discuss...