Blessed Are the Poor

Posted By: Abdul · 12/27/2013 7:30:00 AM

With all the talk about income inequality and being poor in America, I think a healthy little reminder of  what you get in this country if you're poor is in order...

  • Free health care in the form of Medicaid
  • Free food in the form of food stamps
  • Free money in the form of an Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Free and reduced  housing in the form of a Section 8 subsidy
  • Free and reduced higher education in the form of student aid.
  • Free and reduced costs for utilities, day care and other assistance through numerous state and federal programs.

With all this free stuff being given out, courtesy of the producer class, it's easy to see how a safety net that is supposed to act as a trampoline easily gets turned into a hammock.