The #1 Killer of Black Men, Each Other

Posted By: Abdul · 12/30/2013 8:19:00 AM

As I get older, I am reminded by my wife I need eat better and exercise more since the number one killer of black men tends to be stroke, heart attack and hypertension.  Although lately in Indianapolis, I may need to add one more item to that list, other black men.

As the city deals with the largest increase in murders in five years, I decided to do some digging into the numbers.

Of the 109 murder victims (as of 12/2/13), local adult criminal histories were found for 86 (79%) of the victims.  These 86 people accounted for 287 adult felony arrests.

Of the 80 suspects where a name was known, prior local adult criminal histories were found for 65 (81%) of the subjects. These 65 people accounted for 166 adult felony arrests.

 35 (32%) of the 109 murders were known to have been motivated by drugs

And when you look at the demographics 60% of the murders were the result of black on black crime.  And blacks who are about 23% of Indy's population were nearly 70% of the murder victims.    And the average age of the victim was 28 and average suspect was 24.  

It's statistics like this that make me enjoy my greasy cheeseburger and beer because that won't kill me.  Unless I am eating them around a 20-something year old fellow black male with a prior felony.