Where Did These Negroes Come From?!!!

Posted By: Abdul · 2/11/2014 8:35:00 AM

Sorry about the headline, but I am really mad right now. 

Why?  I spent all day Monday at the Statehouse watching the Senate Rules Committee testimony on HJR-3, the amendment that would further Indiana's ban on same-sex marriage by putting it into the State Constitution.   It is already against the law  and has been upheld in state court.

Now you all know where I stand on this issue,  when it comes to marriage everyone is as entitled to be as happy as the Lovely Mrs. Shabazz.   And while I disagree with the supporters of HJR-3, for the most part, they are good and decent people.  They are wrong, but not bad.

What offended me though was the 30 something black preachers and their flock who showed up in support of the amendment.  They crowded the halls, they held signs, they did all the stuff you're supposed to do at a rally.  Why is this offensive?

Well, to paraphrase my late grandfather, "Where the hell have these Negroes been when a lot of other important issues were taking place at the Legislature?"

For example, on education reform to get poor black and other minority children out of bad schools via choice, charters and vouchers I don't recall these guys showing up!

When lawmakers looked at closing the skills gap so we don't have thousands of unfilled job openings and thousands of people unqualified to take them, these guys were AWOL!

In the debates that impact their communities such as tax reform, reforming the criminal code,  road construction and other quality of life issues all I saw were crickets tumbleweeds.

But when it comes to an issue that doesn't create one job, improve education for one child in a classroom, or help raise the income of one Hoosier family, the natives get restless and come flocking out in droves!

Your damn right I'm offended and so should any sane thinking person, regardless of color.