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The Semi-Annual Chat with Lawrence Gowan of Styx

Styx plays the Hulman Center in Terre Haute this Thursday


He saw a tornado. On the ground. Being from Toronto, Lawrence Gowan isn't used to that. "I managed to snap a couple of pictures, and I got a couple of amazing shots, but the adrenaline was going up," the Styx frontman said of his encounter with severe weather in Oklahoma not long before we spoke.  "The fellow from the venue waiting to pick me up at the airport, however, was so calm and relaxed.  He just said, "eh it's a couple miles away, we can easily outrun it."  

There is actually a chance Gowan and the boys from Styx will run into more familiar weather when they play the Hulman Center on the Indiana State University campus in Terre Haute this Thursday - there is actually a slight chance of some April snow in the forecast.  It won't stop your typical, old-school, loud as h-e-double-hockey sticks rock and roll show, however, as put on by a bunch of guys who don't appear to age nearly as much as some members of the audience.  

The secret?  "Yoga," Gowan said.  "Your (Canadian) wife will be familiar with this - I used to play pickup hockey two or three times a week, and that's what would keep me in shape when I was playing across Canada (Gowan was a massive solo star in his home country before joining Styx).  The shows are a workout, too - Styx shows are, anyway. "That's the thing about rock music, the great physicality of it.  You kind of have to throw your whole body into it, otherwise I don't think you connect with it."

I call this a semi-annual chat because, it seems, Mr. Gowan and I get to talk at least once or twice a year whenever Styx is close by.  Honestly, I reached out to him the first time as a way to impress my wife (Gowan's was the first album she ever bought with her own money while she grew up in Toronto), and we got to spend some time with him after their show in Muncie last year.  It's weird how we kind of know each other now - weird in a good way, because he and the Styx guys are all good dudes.  And (no joke) they sound as great as they always have.



In the latest edition of our semi-annual chat with rock and roll great Lawrence Gowan, the Styx frontman talks about their Terre Haute concert on April 7, seeing tornados in Oklahoma, and the solo career that made him a legend in Canada.


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