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Rob Kendall discusses the political world being turned upside down, why the public is fascinated with Weinstein, and interview Representative Mike Braun. p>
Rob Kendall talks "Free Money" from the governor, pays tribute to Tom Petty, and discusses Indiana's confusing consent laws.
Rob Kendall discusses the Indiana GOP's failure at the Trump rally, the president's mistake in Alabama, Obamacare premiums once again on the rise, and more! /p>
Rob Kendall discusses Trump's big gamble in Alabama, why Donnelly will be a yes on tax cuts, how the state fibbed on prison reform, and more!
Long time Mike Pence aide Diego Morales is running for the Indiana's 4th Congressional District. He sits down with Rob Kendall for his first interview. Morales: We need to do this (immigration) the right way. We need to respect our country, we need to respect the rule of law. We...
Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Congressman Luke Messer is running for U.S. Senate in 2018. He talks with Rob Kendall ahead of his formal announcement about his residency, wife's employment, and key issues facing Indiana. Messer: Anytime that someone starts a...
Rob Kendall discusses the IN GOP's ridiculous email, Mike Pence's hypocrisy on Medicaid, the BMV's big screw up, and more!
Photo credit: Adam Berry/Getty Image s State Senator Jim Merritt says reform is coming to Indiana's alcohol laws, thanks in part to a former elected official.