Abdul At Large

Police action shootings of unarmed citizens seemed to have dominated the news lately, whether in the state capitol or other parts of the country. So what’s going on? Click Here for More
Abdul talks with marijuana legalization advocate Jeff Staker who is trying to convince state and federal lawmakers that the plant is good for veterans which chronic illnesses as well as dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. Click Here for the Coversation Photo: Drugabuse...
The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) Thursday submitted an amendment to its pending Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) waiver extension application to the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Click Here for More Photo: Abdul
Who are Mark Hurt & Andrew Takami? Beleive it or not, they are actually d eclared Republican candidates for the United States Senate. Click Here for More Photo: Indy Politics
A national survey of approval ratings for the nation’s Governors shows Eric Holcomb with approval ratings above 50 percent. Click Here for More Photo: Indy Politics
Although neither is a declared candidate for the U.S. Senate the war of words been Congressmen Luke Messer and Todd Rokita would make you think it was a few days before the May primary. I got this e-mail from the Messer campaign this afternoon: For months, Todd Rokita has spread...
How did your Indiana Congressional member do when it came to fundraising in the second quarter? Click Here for More Photo: Indy Politics
Normally when I write my annual post about the Second Saturday night of Indiana Black Expo, it’s about the interaction between law enforcement and the youth in downtown Indy. Not this year. Like the past four years, the kids and cops were fine. There were a couple of minor...
Last year I did a deep dive into the data regarding police action/officer related shootings as they were very prominent in the headlines. It looks like this will be an annual event. Click Here for More