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Mike Pence calls into the Abdul at Large show to talk about his "Start Your Engines" tour.
Abdul talks with Mark LaFay, co-founder of Roust, a new social network starting up that is based in Indiana. Audio is below, to find out more about Roust and reserve your invite, you can visit
Abdul chats with attorney Mark Small about the First Church of Cannabis and their decision to not "light up" on Wednesday for their first service.
Bill Levin, High Priest of the First Church of Cannabis, talked with Abdul about his ministry's usage of marijuana as part of its sacrament. Weed is still illegal Indiana, but the recently passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act could allow church members to avoid prosecution...
Abdul talks with Representative Marlin Stutzman about his intention to run for the United States Senate.
Brownsburg Town Council Member Rob Kendall joins Abdul to talk about the school referendum in Brownsburg that failed to pass during the primaries this past week.
Abdul talking with Jeff Lilly about casino regulations in Indiana and a proposed Native American casino in South Bend.
On today's program, Abdul talks about Sunday alcohol sales with the recent House Bill concerning Sunday sales not being called to the floor for a vote .
Abdul sat down with Mark Newman, head of the Indiana Office of Tourism. They discussed what all there is to do in our fine state this time of year.