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On today's program, Abdul talks about Sunday alcohol sales with the recent House Bill concerning Sunday sales not being called to the floor for a vote .
Abdul sat down with Mark Newman, head of the Indiana Office of Tourism. They discussed what all there is to do in our fine state this time of year.
Abdul talks about the possibilty of medical marijuana becoming legal in Indiana. Some people agree, some people don't. Abdul talks to them all, trying to get them to see the reasoning as to why this is a good thing to be happening.
He can already taste those cigars, and Abdul tells us that lifting the trade embargo wouldn't be too bad of an idea.
State Senator Jim Merritt added his name to an increasingly lengthy list of Republicans that don't want to be mayor of lonleyplanet's sixth most "must visit" city in 2015 . Mayor Ballard steps in with Abdul and says history repeats itself.
As we learned last week, in the big city museums charge for admission. – like the IMA. Is Indianapolis a big city? Abdul has been in Indianapolis since 2004. A lot has changed since then. Revitalization from Mass Ave, Mile Square to Fountain Square, Irvington, Broad Ripple,...