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Abdul: 5 Quick Fixes for Indiana's Alcohol Laws

With a new poll out showing a majority of Hoosiers support Sunday sales and being able to buy cold beer at grocery and convenience stores, here are five quick things Indiana lawmakers can do to put some sanity back in the state's alcohol laws.

  1. Let Hoosiers buy alcohol on Sundays at grocery and convenience stores. There is no reason that an activity that perfectly legal Monday through Saturday should be outright banned on Sunday.  It’s also one of the, if not the, biggest shopping days of the week.
  2. You should be able to buy cold beer in a grocery or convenience store also. Please tell me why it’s okay for those places to sell warm beer, but not cold beer? And how do you define “cold”? Is it 55 degrees, 40 degrees?
  3. Lift the commodity restrictions on liquor stores. While I’ve been critical of the protectionist attitudes of the alcohol industry, they have a fair point when they say they are limited by what they can sell and grocery stores aren’t. I agree. Liquor stores should be able to sell any legal product, just like their counterparts on the other side of the strip mall. There's no reason why you can buy Jack Daniels in a liquor store, but not a Jack Daniels poster.
  4. Let minors enter a liquor store as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  5. Anyone who rings up alcohol, whether at the grocery or liquor store should be at least 18, trained and licensed to do so.

I'm willing to take other suggestions.

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