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Some People Are Just No Damn Good

That is a line my grandfather used to say about some of the folks he grew up with who were always getting in trouble.


I bring this up in the wake of the deaths of Officer Perry Renn in Indianapolis and Jerry Westerfield in Gary, not to mention the he shootings this past weekend in Broad Ripple which sent several people to the hospital.  

We know that Major Davis, Jr., accused of killing officer Renn, had a prior record.  No one should be surprised, 90 percent of the homicide suspects all have prior felonies.   And I will not be surprised if that is the case in the other two shootings.

Luckily, Davis is eligible for the death penalty under IC 35-50-2-9.

Unfortunately, there are a lot more where Davis came from.  A good friend of mine with the Ten-Point Coalition tells me many of these guys are not afraid of anything, even death and so they will act with impunity.

If there wasn’t a part of me that fully believed in due process then, I'd say we should accommodate them with street justice, however that’s not how we function as a society.

However, we do need to send a clear message to criminals that there are consequences for  their actions.  The cops can make arrests, but the prosecutor can’t plea bargain nor judges hand down light sentences that only put these guys back out on the streets.

Like my grandfather used to say, some folks are no damn good and just need to be kept away from polite society.  The sooner we start, the better.