The Best At Large

Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita joined Abdul to discuss the business of Washington. Rokita later confirmed that he's considering a run for Dan Coats soon-to-be vacated Senate seat.
Plans to build a new justice center on the near Westside of Indianapolis stalled after City-County Council Republicans balked at sending the 1.75 billion dollar project to full council. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard joins Abdul Tuesday night and explains how the window is...
Another unfavorable poll towards Governor Pence's job approval rating was released Thursday. Abdul and Kevin Brinegar, President of Indiana Chamber of Commerce, put the lastest numbers in perspective.
On Wednesday, Bill Oesterle stepped down as CEO of Angie's List to become more "civically involved in the State of Indiana." Osterle's untimely resignation led to rumblings that he may challenge Governor Mike Pence in the upcoming republican primary. Abdul speculates with...
Abdul talks with Jason Rahlan of the Human Rights Council about Governor Pence's diving poll numbers and the continued fallout from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
Dearborne and Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negengard discusses the challenges of defining religious liberty under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and how it couly apply to the First Church of Cannibus.