The Best At Large

Statehouse Republicans are pushing legislation forward that would repeal Indiana's Common Construction Wage. Kevin Brinegar, President and CEO of Indiana Chamber of Commerce, describes the 80 year old law and details his position on its potential repeal. Abdul will have more on...
Liberal feminists rejoiced at the thought of Marvel's Thor switching sexes or essentially "losing his hammer." Abdul, the Chicks superhero on all things comic books, explained that the birth of "Lady Thor" has a simpler more obvious reason: money.
Jeff Whorley joins Abdul to introduce Class120, an app that helps parents keep students on track to college graduation . Jeff explains its applications and the correlation between high attendance and a successful college experience.
Abdul sits down with a pair of guests to figure out what went down at the rally, as well as opinions of Glenda Ritz and her future.
He's innocent until proven guilty, but Willy Wilson's defense against charges that he murdered his child is looking a little porous. Abdul lays out the case, including a surreal connection between the police sketch and a popular video game.
Indiana State Representative and former Indianapolis firefighter Dan Forestal (D) reacts to Governor Pence's revamping of the BMV. According to Forestal, these changes are long overdue.
Abdul is joined by WIBC Statehouse Reporter Eric Berman for the weekly statehouse review on Abdul at Large. Anything happen in Indiana politics this week? Ummmm yeah. We'll start with the highly controversial rise and fall of justIN and go from there.
Abdul returns to quell the outrage over Governor Pence's supposed introduction of "state controlled media." Believe it or not, Indiana is not the epicenter of the next Soviet Union.
President Obama has threatened to end the tax benefit associated with the College Choice 529 Plan. Abdul speaks with Indiana State Treasurer Kelly Mitchel and Jodi Golden, adminstrator of the 529 plan in Indiana about the potential changes.