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Get Your Teacher Shortage Story Straight

Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz seems to be having some trouble getting her numbers straight when it comes to the issue of a teacher shortage in Indiana.


Allow me to explain.


Here are the numbers of new teacher credentials her office provided to the federal government as required by law under Title II…


2010 - 5599

2011 - 5476

2012 - 5493

2013 - 5106

2014 - N/A


Now here are the numbers they provided to my colleagues at the Indianapolis Star.


2010 - 5599

2011 - 5902

2012 - 5458

2013 - 4613

2014 - 4565


Now here’s what her office handed out to the legislature in a study committee this week.


2010 - 5685

2011 - 5597

2012 - 5717

2013 - 5889

2014 - 4806

2015 - 3778


What’s a person to believe?


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