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I Need a Drink

I got another reminder Tuesday that Indiana’s alcohol laws continue to make little sense to me.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by the the Indiana Petroleum and Convenience Store Association to allow for cold beer sales in grocery and convenience stores and pharmacies; right now, they are only allowed to sell beer at room temperature.

The judge said the 21st Amendment (the amendment  that ended prohibition) gives Indiana the right to regulate alcohol and the state was acting within its authority.

So think about this: You could be at a strip mall with a grocery store, a liquor store and a pharmacy and could buy the same beer at all three places. The only difference is that the beer at the liquor store will be cold.

Now this is the point where my friends in the liquor store industry all say that while that dynamic may seem a bit awkward to the average consumer,  you need to remember that  that liquor stores have a lot more stringent rules to follow than the other aforementioned places and there are items they can’t sell such as milk or cold soda. So at the end of the day, it all evens out.

It might, but this still makes no sense to me.  And the more I try to make sense of Indiana’s bizarre alcohol laws, the more it makes me want to drink.

Want to join me?


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