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Allow me to be brutally honest here; I am elated Roy Moore lost the U.S. Senate race in Alabama. While there are plenty of reasons that, just like a school playground, Roy Moore should have never been allowed near an elected office, my primary one is that I have this thing about...
Julia Vaughn of Common Cause offers her thoughts about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to hear two cases involving redistricting which could have a major impact here in Indiana. Click Here for More Photo: Abdul/Indy Politics
Indy's most likely murder victim in 2017 is a black male, age 31. He will likely die by a gunshot wound on the city's northeast side. Click Here for More Photo: Indy Politics
An Indiana Super PAC that is supporting Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is either facing big legal trouble or has been having trouble raising money. Click Here for More Photo: Indiana First PAC
Former United States Senator Richard Lugar says he does see some comparisons between the current U.S. Senate race in Alabama and his own race back in 2012 where he lost to Richard Mourdock . Click Here for More Photo: Abdul/Indy Politics
Proponents of CBD Oil in Indiana are about to get a very powerful ally, veterans. Click Here for More Photo: Thinkstock/rgbspace
State officials are disputing claims by activists that logging in Yellowwood State Park will harm the environment, but in fact, help it. Click Here for More Photo: State of Indiana
The Indiana Republican party has announced a “straw poll” for its U.S. Senate candidates in January 2018. It is scheduled to be the first joint appearance of all the candidates in front of hundreds of Republican grassroots activists at the Indiana Republican Party’s Congress of...
Republicans in Congress are about to begin negotiations on tax reform, and as someone who considers himself a practical, moderate conservative, they’re getting it all wrong. Now don’t misunderstand me, I am a big fan of cutting corporate tax rates. I firmly believe, and the data...