Abdul At Large

Republican City-County Councilor Jeff Miller says while the city has more revenue to work with than it has in years, he still has a lot of questions about Mayor Joe Hogsett’s budget. Click Here for More Photo: Abdul
Despite some very passionate pleas by Northwest High School students and parents, the Indianapolis Public School Board appears to be moving forward with recommendations to close one high school and turn two others into middle schools Click here for More Photo: Abdul
The candidates who want to replace retiring State Senator Luke Kenley made their cases Wednesday night to the precinct committeemen who will make the decision. Click Here for More Photo: Abdul
Although the Trump administration says local law enforcement agencies can get access to certain kinds of military surplus, the state’s largest police department is taking a pass, for now. Click Here for More Photo: Abdul
You could soon have to pay taxes on more of your online purchases. Click Here to More Photo: Abdul
Indiana's top educator says Hoosier kids should start school at age six, not seven and she will push for legislation next session to make that mandatory. Click Here for More Photo: Abdul
If you want to do more than just talk about politics, the Indy Chamber is hosting a political boot camp on Thursday to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about running for public office. Mark Fisher of the Indy Chamber talks about how you can take the first step in...
Steve Braun , the Commissioner for the Department of Workforce Development is stepping down from his post. Braun turned in his letter of resignation to the Governor this week. The effective date of the resignation is August 30th. This adds to speculation that Braun is getting...
Let’s establish this right now. Nazis are not cool. The KKK is not okay. And there is nothing supreme about white supremacists. I can’t say that any more clearly. And if your response to the incident in Charlottesville is “but what about” save us both the trouble and stop...