Caregiver Crossing

We continue our conversation on inter-generational caregiving with Chief Caring Expert, Dayna Steele.
Listener favorite Dayna Steele, Chief Caring Expert with, joins the conversation on inter-generational caregiving.
In part 2 of the conversation with Dr. Bill Thomas, Terri and Candace discuss why the way that we view aging and dementia as a nation needs to change and the hope that Dr. Bill has for the young of the U.S.
As the creator of the Eden Alternative and the Green House model of long term living, Dr. Bill Thomas is ahead of the curve in terms of caring for our aging. Dr. Bill is continuing to work towards changing how we view aging as a nation through The Age of Disruption Tour, which...
Did you know that 65% of people living with arthritis are under the ago of 65?!? We are joined by our friends at American Senior Communities and the Indiana Arthritis Foundation who share the surprising facts about this disorder as well as information on the upcoming Arthritis...
Kevin Stewart, Executive Director of the St. Vincent Hospital Home Medical Equiptment team, joins us to share how home equiptment, when used properly can reduce the rate of hospital readmission after an injury.
Death is often one of the hardest topics for anyone to discuss, but it's especially difficult for a caregiver to discuss death with thier love one. As difficuly as it may be, it's a conversation that is vital to the caregiving process.
Part 2 of the conversation. Join in as Nikie Ryan shares an interesting concept for embracing the end of life conversation.
Part 1 of the conversation with Dayna Steele, author of Surviving Alzheimer's with Friends, Facebook and a Really Big Glass of Wine. Dayna has first hand experience in caring for a loved one with Alsheimer's disease and she will share just a little of her wisdom with us.