Caregiver Crossing

Tina, Terri and Candace discuss the first of six stages of being a caregiver courtesy of our friends at Audio titled first-stage-of-caregiving
Lynn Young and Nicole Olson of the Barrington of Carmel continue their story of recovery. Audio titled a-journey-to-recovery-pt-2
Lynn Young and Nicole Olson of The Barrinton of Carmel join Tina and Terri to share the story of Lynn's recovery post heart attack. Audio titled the-journey-of-recover-pt-1
Terri and Candace are joined by Penny Stamps of Unique Home Solutions who shares tipsf or preventing a fall around the house. Audio titled how-do-i-prevent-a-fall
Terri and Candace are joined by Allison Carmen, author of The Gift of Maybe, who shares how living in the moment will relieve the stress of the future. Audio titled the-gift-of-maybe-pt-1
Author Allison Carmen continues to share how "maybe" can relieve stess of the future in the second part of this interview with Terri and Candace. Audio titled the-gift-of-maybe-pt-2
Audio titled who-knew-facebook-could-be-therapeutic Terri and Tina talk with Dr. Daniel Bateman about a new study from Indiana University. The study focuses on caregivers and the use of Facebook as a form of support group.
Audio titled a-fair-to-remember-with-community-touchpoint Join the conversation with Shelley O'Connell, Director of Touchpoint Geriatric Services. Shelley will give us details about the upcoming A Fair to Remember and announce this year's featured guest speaker. We'll give you a...
Whether you are new to caregiving or have been caregiving for years, there is a moment where you stop and realize that you have switched roles with your parent. Role Reversal has become an all too familiar occurrence where you find yourself in an argument with dad about his poor...