Caregiver Crossing

Linda Altmeyer, Director of Programs with the Alzheimer Association Greater Indiana Chapter, reveals the new data released last week in the 2014 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures report and how it affects Indiana. Plus, details on an upcoming Alzheimer's Assoc. Education...
Carol Applegate, of Applegate Elder Law, tells us about the "STATE OF CAREGIVERS" and what it means for "future" caregivers, and details on the upcoming Caring for the Caregiver Conference.
Mary Pat McKey from Boomer Magazine updates Tina and Terri on the television show and their conversation with Larry Bird.
Terri and Tina speak with Sunni Fleshman from Twilight Wish about how to nominate a senior that would like a wish granted.
Hear the story of Catherine Wallace, who received her late husbands dog tag found on Utah Beach 70 Years later.