Chicks on the Right

Photo Credit: Pool/Getty Images After much anticipation, President Trump finally released the Fake News Awards. Producer Rob Kendall joined the Chicks to examine the list of "winners."
Photo Credit: Douglas Graham/Getty Images Jay Ricker sounds off on Senate Bill 26 (which would have allowed cold beer sales in convenience stores) getting frosted by the Indiana Legislature. Ricker: I feel passionate about it. We're not going to stop on this. It's probably not...
Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images Senator Cory Booker absolutely lost it at a hearing with the head of DHS. Mock: This was definely, "Look at me! I'm getting to run!" Daisy: Yeah, but who wants to vote for that? Oh wait, Democrats!...They like crybabies who act.
Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images Much to the dismay of liberals, President Trump's doctor has given him a clean bill of health. Mock: And not only did he do well on it, he did perfectly on it! Daisy: It was tremendous! It was bigly!
People spend ridiculous money on really stupid stuff!
Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Chelsea Manning announced her plan to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland. Daisy: She's a traitor. She's running for senate. This is ridiculous. It's funny. This is funny...Saturday Night Live, this is the stuff that they make fun of. They...
Photo Credit: Bill Clark/Getty Images Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer talks with the Chicks about Luke Messer's straw poll win at Congress of Counties and defeating Joe Donnelly in 2018. Hupfer: It's the first time we have ever done it, but I would say they historically...
Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images A proposed mosque in Carmel has sparked pushback amongst residents. Producer Rob Kendall joins the Chicks to discuss the controversy.