Chicks on the Right

So this crazy guy thinks we need to be smaller as a speices to decrease our effect on the planet. But then how will we reach the top shelf of the cabinet?
Donald Trump found a woman who truely, deeply loves him as a candidate for president. And just like him, she is absolutely crazy.
From liking a post to being angry with it, Facebook is testing it's new expressive system overseas at the moment, but it may not be long until its here!
I have no idea what they were thinking when they closed 30 of the 50 lanes on a Chinese national highway, but it didn't end well. Oh, they weren't thinking? Right, because China.
A school thought it was doing the right thing when it hired recess consultants to come in and teach the students the right way to play. Back in my day, we just played and that was that.
But people out there took to the prank, and now people are soiling themselves and posting it on social media, thinking that it is showing support for whatever they want to support. I just think it's gross.
Once again, Ashley Judd finds herself in the news, and it seems like she just keeps putting herself there. It's almost like it's on purpose...