Chicks on the Right

It's Friday! The Election is almost over! The Chicks want to hear some good news stories. Tell me something good! The Chicks share some good news stories and take calls on something good. Listen below!
Who is Khloe Kardashian engaged to? What is going on with Kim Kardashian? What's the buzz around Lady Gaga's new album? What did Lady Gaga say when she was compared to Madonna? The Chicks break it all down in the speed round. Buckle up!
Terri Stacy stops by the studio to talk to The Chicks to close out the week! Listen below!
The Chicks break down the 3rd and FINAL Presidential Debate in the speed round. Buckle up!
Where will the Trump-Pence campagin be seen this weekend? What's going on with the voter registration in Indiana? What is America's favorite Halloween candy? What is Negativland doing with their new album release? What's the latest on Kim Kardashian? The Chicks break it all down...
Campus Reform went to Georgetown University to ask students why they think Hillary Clinton is a good role model. The students were also what they think about Clinton's accomplishments. How did the respond? The Chicks give their reactions to these students. Listen below!