Chicks on the Right

You just have to listen below to find out why people in Japan are in plastic bags.
Why has the price of EpiPens skyrocketed? What's the latest on Hillary Clinton's emails? Which Presidential Candidate is the Governor Of West Virginia, Jim Justice, not supporting and why? The Chicks break it all down in the Speed Round. Buckle up!
The Chicks are concerned with Ole Miss. Luckily, Fox News Commentator, Todd Starnes, talks to The Chicks about the universtiy. Listen below!
First Lady Michelle Obama is on the latest cover of Variety Magazine. The Chicks both agree that she looks amazing. So amazing, that The Chicks also agree with a majority of what she said in the magazine interview. What did Michelle Obama say?
A Texas teacher sent out a note to the parents of her students regarding a new policy for her class. The note went viral. The Chicks give their thoughts on the teacher's note and take your calls regarding the new policy. What do you think it?
There's a new poem that Kanye West has written. Mock teased last night that Daisy would recite the poem. On today's show, Daisy recites the poem. You do not want to miss this! Listen below...UH!!!
What phone has this 16-year-old extremely satisfied? What comments did Good Morning America's, Amy Robach, make and then apologize for? What was on the note from a Texas teacher that has gone viral? The Chicks break it all down in the Speed Round. Buckle up!