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The CHICKS Radio on Friday, June 16, 2014

The Chicks Father's Day Supertacular was put on hold by a whole new animalistic threat to democracy in the Middle East.  The Chicks run back audio of Uncle Joe saying Iraq was one of the President's greatest achievments.  Maybe bragging rights should be watered down a touch, given the recent enthusiasims by the Jihadists and all.  

We dial it back after that, with the younget graduate from high school ever, an extra speedy speed round, paternity leave for fathers who love babies, the perfectly normal behavior of keeping cockroaches for pets, and of course, your calls, because you're ferocious.

Happy Father's Day to the dads.  It was a great weekend to rock out.

6-13-14, The Wussification of Father's Day has Officially Begun.

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