Chicks Full Show

Beware the spread of germs, because they are coming for you just like an obsessed 11-year old girl who can't stand to be over 800 miles from her boyfriend.
Terror suspects who skip today's show will not be water boarded by the Chicks, but could suffer a period of self-enforced sleep deprivation from the lack of whack and talk of comfy balls.
While mobs are converging on city centers across the nation decrying rampant and unchecked police brutality, a group of officers showed the citizens of Lowell, Michigan that law enforcement agencies aren't full of freewheeling, pistol whipping, gun slinging jackals that shoot...
In the most spectacular thing you'll see this holiday season, a creative bunch decided to give a Cordyon, Indiana drugstore the love it deserves. It's fun and cheeky and totally Indiana, so click "play" and be proud of the current state of the Hoosier state.