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Sure, Walmart can be a great place to get things at a low cost, but after a woman found this in a can of sauerkraut, we all may be thinking twice about where we get our food.
Hear some of the best parts of Carly being on The View, where she showed just how classy of a chick she is.
Apparently, you may be "Feeling the Bern" down below, because Sanders now has his own underwear line with his likeness on them Um, gross.
Because a coffee shop in New York believes that it is, and is only selling the kind without the pick-me-up. I tend to disagree, but that's because I have COMMON SENSE!
I know not everyone can be the brightest, but these people just made complete fools of themselves.
This is just absurd. Plastic surgery has created a culture where anything can be altered, and now people are taking it that next step...
This week The Chicks discuss Kiran Gandhi and her run in the London marathon in their Indy Star column . Gandhi let her menstrual blood "free-flow" during the race to raise awareness for those who do not have access to feminine products around the world. Check out what The...
We can't stop laughing at this exasperated mom's video about why you shouldn't breastfeed in public. Regardless of where you stand on the public breastfeeding issue, you're going to appreciate her delivery. Click here to watch!
The Supreme Court ruled by a 6-3 vote that Obamacare tax subsidies were legal, allowing the polarizing law to survive once again. Indiana Governor Mike Pence joined the Chicks in blasting the high court’s decision.