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We can't stop laughing at this exasperated mom's video about why you shouldn't breastfeed in public. Regardless of where you stand on the public breastfeeding issue, you're going to appreciate her delivery. Click here to watch!
The Supreme Court ruled by a 6-3 vote that Obamacare tax subsidies were legal, allowing the polarizing law to survive once again. Indiana Governor Mike Pence joined the Chicks in blasting the high court’s decision.
National Iced Tea Day brings a visit from Todd Starnes of Fox News. Todd chats with the Chicks about whether the republican presidential bench is getting too deep, and later makes a bold prediction on who the party will nominate to challenge Hillary.
Two women used a Beech Grove, Indiana Walmart as a primitive thunderdome to sort out a conflict that included shampoo bottles instead of chainsaws and an audience in search of the best deals in town rather than a mob of apocalyptic survivors. The fight wasn't as sexy and bloody...
A Taco Bell in Chicago is adding beer, wine, and frozen drinks to its menu in hopes of attracting the coveted pina colada/breakfast burrito market. I've seen several bucket lists with the entry "get bombed at Taco Bell," but we warn you that having drinks while dining at the...
Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard made his monthly visit to the COtR show and revisited a highly controversial issue regarding traffic on Monument Circle.
Mock and Daisy chat with Carly Fiorina, presidential hopeful and author of "Tough Choices: A Memoir." The former CEO of Hewlett-Packard defends her record while in charge of the technology giant and later outlines her plan to reduce governement spending if elected president.