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Chicks on Quantatative Easing

Quantatative Easing.  By definition it explains itself, right?  "QE" sounds like repeated trips to the restroom after a week long blockage, but it's not that at all!  If you discount the first two times it's failed, "QE" is a surefire way to fix the economy.  It goes like this (maybe).

So Fed the magician waves a magician's wand and there's a poof of smoke and 85 billion dollars appear and all the banks are like "ooohhhh clap clap clap clap clap you're clever."  Then Fed the Magician gives the biggest bank in the room 30 billion dollars to lend to the people so we can follow our childhood dreams like open a laundromat or raise the value of the tool shed.  But the biggest bank in the room keeps the 30 billion dollars and grows a horse head and a serpent tail and cackles "wha haahahahahhahahaha you so stupid whahahahahahahahahah" and buys another bank. 

I'd rather leave it to the free market.

But that seems to be Quantative Easing and it 's going on and on and on!  The Chicks did a nice job with "QE" this afternoon in recruiting a pair of cartoon bears! If you're a speculator, or just speculative, click the link and enjoy the video provided while celebrating the gravy train that's about to leave the station.  THIRD TIME'S A CHARM WE'RE RICH!

Better yet, enjoy the Chicks take in the podcast section.  Awesomesauce, ya'll.  


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