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Teen Vogue's Ridiculous Back to School List

Parents, perpare to be alarmed! Teen Vogue has released a list of back to school necessities. But many of the products are not what you might expect. The Chicks on the Right provide a rundown. 


So then they have the best value water-based lubricant.


Cause you know, you're 14 years old, you need some good lube.

After having several threesomes, a man convinced his university to give him a PhD in them. /p>
Soon even your therapist may be a robot. So. Many. Robots. Everywhere!
The sex robots are taking over! The Chicks on the Right examine why.
Fewer dudes are getting snipped than ever before. The Chicks examine why.
Everything is now racist. Literally everything. Including one company's attempt at inclusion and a potluck dinner...